Kaninlandet – New Dark Ride at Liseberg

We already have announced the honor to develop the New Liseberg Dark Ride.
But, are you curious to have some more information about it?

Liseberg, one of the biggest parks in Europe, contacted us for a new Dark Ride project already 2,5 years ago and proud of this call we joined the project with really more a “partner” than a “customer”.

The professionalism of the Liseberg team has been evident since the first steps: clear ideas, high technical knowledge, experience, care of all aspects and details but, at the same time, open to everyone’s comments, suggestions, new ideas and proposals.

The project officially started last year (even though we started working together the year before), it’s based on a 4-seat-ground car (2 guests in 2 rows, where also 2-year old children are allowed to ride) with rotation and various speed during the ride and a lot of special effects during this fantastic journey with wonderful theming (twists and turns, an unexpected big rotating barrel, uphill and downhill).

To solve any possible problems before start and prevent any possible unexpected event, all parts involved in the project (from building constructor to us, from theming graphs to fire-fighting consultant) were put together and got to know each other with a result of a really creative and productive atmosphere in the name of a common goal: to catch the best of everyone and create one of best new coming Dark Rides.

Due the Covid-19 we were not able to finish the installation as planned of our last impressive Dark Ride, and we hope we will be able to finish soon.

The Dark Ride (the name is Underlandet) will be situated in “Kaninlandet” (the Rabbit Land). The guests have learned already about the characters, the Liseberg rabbits, but what the rabbits do underground has always been a mystery so far.

The Dark Ride will bring guests underground to discover the secret world of the Liseberg rabbits. The news in
Kaninlandet are the biggest investments for the family segment since Liseberg opened Kaninlandet in 2013.

In total, almost 19 million euros have been invested in the area whereas € 15 million have been dedicated for the dark ride.

Some information about Underlandet:
Attraction type: dark ride
Cost: Budget: € 15 million
Concept: Liseberg and Quarry Fold Studio (Great Britain)
Ride system: Gosetto SRL (Italy)
Theme: P&P Projects (Netherlands)
Animatronics: Lifeformations

Technical specifications:
Length and vehicles: 202 meters, 18 vehicles
Duration: 3 minutes, 20 seconds 4 minutes, 20 seconds
Manufacturer: Gosetto SRL
Year of production: 2020
Number of occupants: 4 passengers per vehicle
Speed: 4km/h
Capacity: 850 people/hour

But that's not all, Liseberg has also developed a new virtual queuing system, that will be accessible in the Liseberg app.

An amazing idea that allows it to help families with young children to avoid the waiting time, and the cutting-edge following the current problem of COVID -19.
Here is the link for more information