The attraction Superskate is inspired by competitions of acrobatic skateboard and it simulates a pursuit between two boards, which move along an oval trajectory and, at the same time, which spin round themselves. Each skateboard has enough space for 12 children or 9 adults, who can sit on three benches, which are all oriented in the same direction. By their combined motion the two skateboards succeed in skimming and in this way they make the evolution of the run more exciting and spectacular. The stage effects, which are guaranteed also by the light dancing and by the imposing edging front, make Superskate suitable for the whole family.
The attraction, which includes also an extracting case, can be completely closed on a semitrailer by an hydraulic system.

Lenght dimension:
16 mt
Width dimension:
9 mt
Number of seats:
24 seats
Theoretical hourly capacity:
580 p/h
Park or trailer mounted