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The project officially started in 2019, it’s based on a 4-seat-ground car (2 guests in 2 rows, where also 2-year old children are allowed to ride) with rotation and various speed during the ride and a lot of special effects during this fantastic journey with wonderful theming (twists and turns, an unexpected big rotating barrel, uphill and downhill).

The Dark Ride (the name is Underlandet) will be situated in “Kaninlandet” (the Rabbit Land). The guests have learned already about the characters, the Liseberg rabbits, but what the rabbits do underground has always been a mystery so far.

The Dark Ride will bring guests underground to discover the secret world of the Liseberg rabbits.

Technical specifications:
Length and vehicles: 202 meters, 18 vehicles
Duration: 3 minutes, 20 seconds 4 minutes, 20 seconds
Manufacturer: Gosetto SRL
Year of production: 2020
Number of occupants: 4 passengers per vehicle
Speed: 4km/h
Capacity: 850 people/hour