European Star Award 2013!!!!! Best Dark Rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Ride "Haunted School", opened in 2013 in Etnaland-ITALY, won the European Star Award 2013, Europe's best Dark Rides category.
Another geat success for Gosetto and... for sure another customer happy and proud to have an attraction made in Gosetto!

"Haunted School" is a Dark Ride themed around a very "special" school, a haunted school... Twelve 4-seater rotating vehicles, themed as school desks, ride throught an interactive ambient featuring eight classroom scenes, each dedicated to a different academic subject (Italian, History, Music,..). Riders must answer exam questions to accumulate points during the ride pushing the bottom in the cars A,B,C but before they start riders will have the chance to quell any pre-exam "nerves" by visiting... the bathroom...

A new way of interaction, no need of guns or similar, a fully interactive theming scary but with something more...

It's something new, it's something different, it won the European Star Award 2013 and it's by Gosetto.Hounted School of Dark Ride won the European Star Award 2013 for the catalory Dakr Ride!!!


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